About Me!

Hi all so I am Nay Nay! I have created this site because I have finally found my passion in Health and Fitness! I want to share this with each and everyone of you. I want to share the word of a healthy lifestyle…
In my life I have known a few things for sure and they include:

  1. To own my own Business One Day
  2. To Help people by giving and inspiring
  3. Do what I love everyday

Only took me 10 years but the main this is I am here. I’m not going anywhere I mean from this industry that is!

My ♥’s in Life include

  • Family (my hubby and two fur babies)
  • Friends
  • FOOD!!!
  • Fitfam
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Summer
  • Outdoor
  • Beach
  • Animals
  • Nature

My Fitness Journey 

So what has brought me here today to this spot? When I was younger I had the issue of being TOO SKINNY! I was made fun of and teased for not eating much so as soon as I hit 18 I joined the gym in a way to gain some muscle. I slowly became so interested in the Fitness side of things I was so motivated I’d go to the gym 5 times a day and workout. I did this all thorough out my time in Uni for 6 years. I weighed 47kgs at my heaviest and was a size 6. I lived a very active lifestyle additional to my training.

Everything changed when I got my first office job. I was sitting in an office 9-5 Monday to Friday and the weight was slowly creeping on this is when I went to my heaviest which was 57kgs that was 10kgs over my usual weight. The problem was my job was so stressful I would binge eat at my desk and barely walk. I would force myself to go to the gym but I just didn’t have the energy. I would go to the gym but did’nt have the energy to do a good session like I use to! I got to the point where I just couldn’t do the job anymore as I was depressed and over weight. So I left this work place and went and smashed it at the gym brought my weight down to 53kgs so I was eating a lot better and exercising a lot. I felt pretty comfortable with this weight so I maintained it for a while.

It was’nt long before I started another office job but this time I was going to go in prepared meal prepping and snacks all packed. I couldn’t budge my weight even though I was going to the gym everyday. I was at a size 8 at this time and I didn’t think it was that what. Then I put it back on again and then lost it again! I was getting frustrated as I really couldn’t do anymore than I was already doing in terms of exercise and diet. It was’nt just the weight thing it was also the office job thing that was bringing me down. After a couple of years I called it quits to office job it was’nt for me.

This is when I decided I need to do something more about my weight! With my wedding fast approaching I wanted to look great of course! The gym thing just was’nt shifting my weight beyond 53kgs. I made the decision to join Ashy Bines Bikini Challenge in January a month before the wedding I absolutely gave it my everything in diet and exercise training 7 times a week. There was’nt a huge amount of weight coming off on the scales but the cms were coming off. My wedding dress had to be brought in many times and I was at about 52kgs on the day of my wedding I was happy and felt great. I never wanted to be a skinny bride so it was perfect.

What was suppose to be a 12 week challenge ended up extending and I am now at the 10 month mark and still going strong. Weighing at 50kgs I am happier than ever and aiming for a different shape back to a size 6/borderline 4! Had to get a whole new wardrobe! I learnt a lot about nutrition and exercise and have continued to live this life…

So I had thought about it for a while studying fitness and becoming a personal trainer but it was a big move going for a career change but then I thought about it! How passionate am I? Its fits my points above opening my own business, helping and inspiring people and doing what I love. Yay I wont be stuck in a office no more! I want to help others go through this journey and feel this amazing and transform there life, through thinking, eating, training and Living.