Step. 2 ‘EAT’ Can I eat out and still be healthy?

Yes Yes Yes you can eat out! Seriously its all about balance no one said that you had to never go out for a meal again! You can still maintain a healthy lifestyle and go out to dinner with you friends. I’ve heard people say they eat before they go out or just water at a restaurant.  No No No please don’t do that you can live a little. I’m actually a foodie so I can resonate on this topic. You don’t even have to go out to a healthy place for a meal you just need to choose wisely. I use to go into restaurants and be on ‘a diet’  and order a salad but now that would be the last thing I would order. I’ll give you a tip to ordering healthy:

Tips to ordering healthy at a restaurant:

  • ORDER PROTEIN so any meats or fish

Steak is always my go to option along with Fish

  • Always ask for your sauce/Dressing on the side

Sometimes I find my meals swimming in sauce which is what can ultimately change your meal.

  • Stick with Veges/Salad on the side (does not include white potato)

Steak goes so well with veges or a salad you don’t always have to have chips with everything. Sweet potato chips is a great option!

  • Try stick with water rather than juices, alcohol or soft drink. 

I always like to have mineral water with lemon.

  • Watch the Portion size please don’t go ordering a huge steak 

Keep it simple and order basic.

This rule is of course an exception to a ‘cheat meal’ now that’s a whole other ball game! Make the right decision for your health 🙂


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