Step 1: ‘Think’ The Power Of Planning And Goal Setting

Now when you are on this journey for a better you there is a key element to help you succeed. ‘PLANNING’ and ‘GOAL SETTING’ a sucessfull person always plans everything and sets themselves goals. Go into your week prepared have it set out weather it be when you are going to train or what you are going to eat just right it out. You can buy a planning pad from any stationary shop and kmart ect. This leads onto me talking about goal setting. Ever since I was young I was told the importance of goal setting and its always stayed in my head. Every year I set myself achievable goals ones that I know I can reach. There is no point setting your goals so high its unreachable. Start small. It can be goals about absolutely anything in the world that tickles your fancy. The common ones being fitness and career related. In one of my previous posts I talked about how I had a 5 year plan and I had to disregard it well of course there are going to be obstacles along the way and it may not go as smoothly as planned and you can only do your best. The last three years in a row I have been lucky enough to hit all my goals YAY! Last year I hit all my goals early on in the year and set myself new goals. I would love to sit down with you and go through what your goals are and how you are planning on getting to them! Its also good to have a person who is keeping you accountable I am happy to offer this service or you may already know someone šŸ™‚

So Remember:

  • Set yourself achievable goals and how do you plan on getting there?
  • Have someone to keep you accountable for your goals

So here is an example of one of my goals of 2016:

  • lose 5 kgs and get back to my original weight – how will I get there? Join a gym/boot camp and train a minimum 6 days a week/ plan your nutrition

Seriously you got this and its never too late to start you will be so proud of yourself once you hit your goals and you will push and challenge yourself.

Let me know if you are struggling happy to sit down and go through this with you.



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