Step 1. ‘Think’ Who are you?

So step 1 is… Who are you? You might then that’s a pretty obvious question but the truth is every-time we get asked that question you think about it before you answer and usually the response is…. your name, your age and what you do for a living! OKAY! stop right there! Really? That isn’t really telling me anything much. The sad truth is a lot of people don’t really know who they are.

So I’m going to get a little personal here! I thought I had my life all planned out with my 5 year plan in life and where I wanted to get in my career ect… but who was I kidding? I was kidding myself! Clearly I didn’t know myself too well because I was just going to settle for an office job! Me in an office job that’s the first mistake. So I thought ‘Event Management’ was my calling because I would get to organise and get out to fancy events. I got out to the ‘NOT SO FANCY’ events and was in a glorified office job! I was crumbling slowly working the long hours in an office where there was no office culture or positivety. What in the world was I doing? I went into Event Management thinking I would be out and about meeting people and being at events I was so wrong. Finally I was like I am not doing this anymore and just left… Good bye full time work. I was fortunate enough to get a job as a Merchandising manager which was so flexible and allowed me to recoup and regather myself. Work on myself. At this point I was hating life and felt like a disaster ripping up my 5 year plan. Start again from scratch ouch… All the years of studying, volunteering and working in the industry a waist! I spent a lot of time just hating myself feeling like a total loser. At this point I also had a business in Event management and was able to poach some work and different contracts but I was’nt feeling it! The passion I once had for Event Management was GONE!!!! Motivation level = 0

I needed to pick myself up! The decision I made to join the Ashy Bines Bikini Challenge was the best decision I could have made. After all the weight I had gained being in an office office I had the motivation to get back to my original weight! Training 6 days a week and completely changing my diet saved me. Not to mention an amazing bunch of girls and trainers! Set my goals high and strived for it. Nothing was going to hold me back! Yay  I finally have some goals and I am going to smash them. This is when it hit me! All my life I have been training at a gym by myself but only after training with a group of girls which I now call my fitfam have I realised I LOVE IT! Fitness, training, nutrition and motivating and helping people! That’s me! One month ago I made the decision to study a Diploma of Fitness at Sage Institute of Fitness. Best Decision I have made. I now Study full time, work at a gym and train 6 days a week. The happiest I have been in a long time. But how am
I going to make it work for me? I thought you know what I am going to share my story and motivate others create a business that will motivate others! That is me. I LOVE TO HELP PEOPLE!

Now the point of this story your wandering? Find yourself? Who are you? What is your true purpose in life? What makes you happy? This is Step.1 of your journey with me. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would just like to talk as we can start this journey together. Just you and me…


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