Step. 1 ‘Think’ How To Discover Your True Self?

Okay Okay! So in the first post I spoke about my story and how I discovered myself! So in this post I am going to help you discover your true self. Its pretty simple! How happy are you right now with where you are in your life? Do you get to Monday and just jump out of bed with excitement? I do! I get through my weekend and am excited for a new week. Set myself new goals and plan my week. So I set myself weekly goals, its usually something small like read a motivational book. This way I feel like its a productive week. Productivity is a big thing for me. I want everyday to be productive if not I am a downer. Believe it or not I cannot sit still or do nothing I have to have to be doing something all the time. I also give myself something to look forward to. So for example Fridays I allow myself to eat out and I do ‘Vegan Fridays’ Its a challenge and makes me think about how I can eat something with no dairy no meat.

So discover your passions. What do you love doing? What are you hobbies? Don’t have one pick one? Own it! You won’t be able to discover yourself any other way? Doing what you love will only bring the best out of you. I love eating out as I mentioned before but I don’t know anyone who really shares that passion so I go it alone. I find a nice cafe and a good book and I am on my way. This isn’t a bad thing because you know what? its called ‘ME TIME’ Going to a cafe by yourself and having a coffee you can focus on yourself. I cannot encourage ‘ME TIME’ anymore to you. Its your time and yours only. Leave the kids and partners at home and try it. I sit there and just reflect on life and figure out more about myself. Go try it I DARE YOU!

Along with ‘ME TIME’ there is also a ‘PLACE’! What I mean by that is its a place that you like to go to reflect and mediate. My place is the beach. If its a nice day and the sun is out I will head to the beach with my journal and just jot down my thoughts I find it so refreshing. the beach has got to be my place! I love the sand and hearing the waves splashing. Discover your perfect ‘PLACE’.


So to recap that’s ‘PASSIONS’ ‘ME TIME’ and ‘PLACE’ a few keys ways to Discover yourself. Now don’t forget you are allowed to be selfish and care about yourself don’t be scared to do something for yourself. If you need any help on discovering your passion. me time or place feel free to contact me and we can unleash it together…

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