Step. 2 ‘EAT’ Nay Nay Acai Bowl List!


What is Acai Berry? The acai berry is an inch-long, reddish-purple fruit. It comes from the acai palm tree, which is native to Central and South America. Some studies show that acaifruit pulp is even richer in antioxidants than cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, or blueberries.

What is an Acai Bowl? A Really thick smoothie which you can eat with a spoon with is mixed in with a variety of fruit and topped with granola, coconut and fresh fruit ect..

A Perfect Acai bowl should be tick the following boxes:

Generous Quantity

Great Quality

Amazing Taste

Perfect Presentation

Reasonable Price

Offer Something unique

Here’s my List from BEST Acai bowls to LEAST...

From: Combi: 1/140 Ormond Rd, Elwood VIC 3184

Quantity = A large Serving Size with generous toppings as well

Quality=  Organic Acai Berries used along with Fresh Fruit 

Taste= Every Element Tasted so good together- It was amazing

Presentation= Very well presented long the Acai Stack with topping sprinkled on top

Price= Great Value for Money 

Uniqueness= Presentation and Toppings 


Organic Acai Bowl $15.50

From: A Thousand Blessing: 251 Highett Street, Richmond, Melbourne

Quantity = A large Serving Size with generous toppings as well, This was the first Acai Bowl that I couldn’t complete 

Quality=  Organic Acai Berries used along with Fresh Fruit 

Taste= Every Element Tasted so good together- It was amazing

Presentation= Very well presented with a great amount of Attention to detail in each element. 

Price= The most expensive Acai Bowl I have tried but in saying that it was worth it! 

Uniqueness= Three Different types of Granola 


         Acai Bowl $16.00

From: Monk Dharma: Rear of 202 Carlisle Street, St Kilda East, Melbourne

Quantity = Doesn’t look like a lot but a large bowl 

Quality=  Organic Acai Berries used along with Fresh Fruit 

Taste= Every Element Tasted Perfect together

Presentation= Rustic Styling was perfect 

Price= Premium Ingredients used so price makes sense 

Uniqueness= That homemade Granola was so packed with flavour and super foods. The Addition of Coconut Probiotic. 


Monk’s Acai Bowl $16.50


From: Strawzenberry: Kiosk 5, Eden Rise Shopping Centre, 1 O’ Shea Road, Berwick, Melbourne 3806  

Quantity = Serving Size was quite small and toppings were limited 

Quality=  Organic Acai Berries used along with Fresh Fruit 

Taste= Every Element Tasted so good together

Presentation= Very well presented with a great amount of Attention to detail in each element. 

Price= Quite an affordable acai bowl

Uniqueness= The use to Chocolate coated Goji Berries and Caramelized Bukinis was a winner and the edition of the protein bowl 


          Acai Addiction $13.00

From: Earthy Eating: Marriott Waters Shopping Centre, 945 Thompsons Road, Lyndhurst, Melbourne VIC 3975

Quantity = A large Serving quite Filling

Quality= good quality granola  

Taste= A Great Tasting acai bowl 

Presentation= Presented in a Wooden Bowl and so neatly 

Price= Very Reasonably priced for quantity 

Uniqueness= The Addition of the Coconut Cream, Raw Cacao and Edible flowers 


Pure Acai Bowl $12.00

From: One Fine Day: 16B Old Princes Highway, Beaconsfield, Melbourne

Quantity = Generous

Quality= Was made well and fruit fresh!   

Taste= Great Acai and the Granola nice and crunchy  

Presentation= Presentation was spot on

Price= Pricing a little high 

Uniqueness= Addition of Dragon-fruit ans passionfruit   


Acai Bowl $16.00 


From: Einstein’s Cafe: 251 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield North, Melbourne 3161

Quantity = Generous 

Quality= The Acai itself was well made to the right texture  

Taste= Great Tasting right balance of Muesli 

Presentation= Rustic style presentation suited the cafe 

Price= Appropriate pricing for Quantity 

Uniqueness= n/a


                   Acai Wake Up Bowl $12.00


From: 6 Nutrition Healthy Gourmet Food and Espresso Bar: 6 Thompson Street, Frankston, Melbourne VIC 3199

Quantity = Generous

Quality= Was made well and fruit fresh!   

Taste= A sweet Acai Bowl 

Presentation= Presented neatly like the Granola around the bowl 

Price= Quite Average 

Uniqueness= Crunchy clusters really added to it 


    Acai Bowl $15.00

From: Store fifteen: 15 Main St, Mornington VIC 3931 

Quantity = Generous

Quality= The Acai itself was well made   

Taste= Acai was quite sweet

Presentation= Well presented

Price= Average 

Uniqueness= n/a


      Acai Bowl $15.50

From: Rupert and The Fig: 300 Bay Street, Brighton, Melbourne, VIC

Quantity = Generous Size

Quality= Acai Berry was good     

Taste= Good tasting Acai Bowl

Presentation= Rustic style fit the cafe fit-out loved the bowl it was served in

Price= Very responsible for the serving size 

Uniqueness= Toasted Shredded Coconut made it


Acai Bowl $13.50

From: Trei Cafe: 232 Blackburn Rd, Glen Waverley VIC 3150

Quantity = Generous Size

Quality= Acai Berry was good a little runny

Taste= Tasted Good

Presentation= Wasn’t the best Presentation (expected more)

Price= Given the contents price was reasonable  

Uniqueness= Addition of Coyo and Peanut Butter 


Acai Smoothie Bowl $15.00

From: Street Organics: 1430 High St, Malvern VIC 3144

Quantity = Generous 

Quality= You could taste the organic Acai  

Taste= Good

Presentation= Need work!!! More Care!!! Where’s the fruit?

Price= Given it was organic reasonable 

Uniqueness= n/a


Acai Bowl $15.00

From: The Little Ox: 452 New Street, Brighton, Melbourne

Quantity = Good Serving Size

Quality= Basic Quality   

Taste= Tasted good until I hit a lot of Granola which overpowered  

Presentation= No care of love given  

Price= Average 

Uniqueness= n/a 


The Warrior Acai Bowl $15.00

From: Smashing Sorrento: 119-125 Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento, Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Quantity = Average 

Quality= Heaps of different toppings!   

Taste= A more Citrus tasting Acai 

Presentation= Well presented

Price= A little bit pricey given Quantity 

Uniqueness= The use of Pomegranate 


Acai Bowl $18.00


From: White Mojo Specialty Coffee and Roasters: 182-184 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn, Melbourne

Quantity = Average 

Quality= Heaps of different toppings!   

Taste= A more Citrus tasting Acai 

Presentation= A little messy around the edges, otherwise good  

Price= A little bit expensive given Quantity 

Uniqueness= Crushed Pistachio a great little addition 


Red Acai Bowl $15.00

From: Holy Bowly: 531 Hampton St, Hampton, Melbourne VIC 3188

Quantity = Average 

Quality=  Good Quality Superfood Crunch and generous with toppings

Taste= Found the Raw Cacao overpowering the Acai 

Presentation= Presented very neatly 

Price= Responsibly Priced 

Uniqueness= Offering 5 different types of Acai Bowls


Fully Loaded Acai Bowl $12.00

From: Cocomama’s: 1C Staniland Grove, Elsternwick VIC 3185 

Quantity = Very Generous and filling  

Quality=  Good Quality Ingredients

Taste= The Taste of the Acai Berry was good 

Presentation= Presented well in plastic cup

Price= BARGAIN! 

Uniqueness= Topping down the bottom and freshly toasted almonds 


Acai Bowl $13.95

From: Happy Place: South Melbourne Market, Shop 56, 117 Cecil Street, South Melbourne, Melbourne

Quantity = looks small but contents made it filling  

Quality=  Acai Berry tasted of high quality  

Taste=  Tasted fresh 

Presentation= Average 

Price= was worth the money 

Uniqueness= the use of FODMAP friendly options 


Acai Aura $12.00

From: Green Cup: 1242 High Street, Armadale, Melbourne

Quantity = looks small but was filling

Quality= Great Acai and toppings

Taste= Great tasting Acai

Presentation= Needs a little work

Price= Well worth it 

Uniqueness= Options 3 different types of Acai bowl with great mixes


Acai Bowls (1) back and (2) front

From: Green Remedy: 211 Glen Huntly Rd, Elsternwick VIC 3185

Quantity = Just Right

Quality= Acai Berry, fresh fruit and Granola great

Taste= Great tasting Acai with the hint of Lavender

Presentation= Appropriate for cafe

Price= Well worth it

Uniqueness= Options – 4 different types of Acai bowl with unique mixes


Lavendula Acai Bowl $13.50

From: Mr Black Juicery: 1 Blackburne Square, Berwick Melbourne VIC 3806

Quantity = Very Small and lite serving

Quality= Acai berry was good/Fresh Fruit

Taste= Good

Presentation= Served in a coconut Shell!!!! Could have been neater

Price= For how much you get probably a bit pricey

Uniqueness= n/a


Red Ruby $12.00

From: Surfcoast Wholefoods, Shop 104, 41 Bristol Road Torquay

Quantity = Small there really was’nt much in there 

Quality=  Average  

Taste= Average 

Presentation= Average 

Price= Very Expensive for the serving amount 

Uniqueness= n/a


Acai Bowl $15.50

From: Soulpress: 265 Nepean Hwy, Edithvale Melbourne VIC 3196

Quantity = Really Small

Quality=  Chocolate tasted good 

Taste= was really good especially the vegan chocolate 

Presentation= Serving in plastic a bit disappointing

Price= A little expensive for a small serving 

Uniqueness= Vegan Chocolate and A selection of 4 different Acai Bowls


Snickers Bowl $14.50

From: Nutrition Station : 241-245 Bay Road Highett, Melbourne VIC 3192

Quantity = Average

Quality=  Good Granola

Taste= Love the addition of Raw Cacao

Presentation= Very Simple 

Price= Well priced 

Uniqueness= n/a


Acai Bowl $12.95

From: Wholefood Merchants: 3/794 Burwood Hwy, Ferntree Gully VIC 3156

Quantity = Quite Small

Quality=  Acai was different 

Taste= Did not taste like Acai Tasted like Chocolate 

Presentation= Quite Simple

Price= Reasonable for the price 

Uniqueness= Cacao Granola and Coconut Ball 


Acai Berry Bowl $12.50

From: Hendriks Cafe: 105 – 107 White Street Mordialloc Victoria, 3195

Quantity = Average

Quality= Good topping and Fresh Fruit   

Taste= Wasn’t so good because of the seasoning made it bitter

Presentation= Very nicely presented 

Price= Average 

Uniqueness= n/a


Acai Bowl $14.00

From: The Tradesmen Cafe: Shop 1, 260 Wickham Road, Moorabbin & Highett, Melbourne

Quantity = Quite Small

Quality=  Acai was a little runny

Taste= Wasn’t so good because of the seasoning made it bitter

Presentation= A little clumsy 

Price= Overpriced 

Uniqueness= n/a


Acai Berry Smoothie Bowl $16.50


From: Acai brothers: 21 Carpenter St, Brighton Melbourne VIC 3186

Quantity = Poor

Quality= Fruit was Average And where was the nutella element?   

Taste= Average 

Presentation= VERY POOR


Uniqueness= na


Raw Nutella Bowl $13.00

From: Temperance Society: 127 Kangaroo Road, Hughesdale, Melbourne VIC 3166

Quantity = Poor

Quality= Nice Yogurt   

Taste= Couldn’t taste the Acai only about 3-4 spoonfuls of it 

Presentation= Beautifully presented

Price= Overpriced as not enough Acai 

Uniqueness= n/a 


Acai Powerbowl $14.00



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